How to find exact length of curve in order to use Flowify

stairs test.skp (276.1 KB)

Hello! I need help finding the EXACT length of a curve in order to use Flowify. I have increased the precision display to the highest decimal point and made my group to use in Flowify with the exact length displayed in Model Entity but the grid still doesnt impose.

I assume I’m a few decimals shy from the exact length. I have no idea how to get more accurate of a length than this. My other curve (with straight line) worked perfectly yet my outer curve for my spiral staircase isn’t. Everything is properly grouped for Flowify btw. Please help!

Select it and look at Entity Info. Set Display Precision as high as it will go for the most precise length display.

Did you try running Flowify after setting the display precision?

It’s actually the other curve that I’m having difficulty with. I did set it up with the highest precision, too. I made a rectangle with the exact length it displayed, but when I try to impose grid with Flowify it doesn’t work.

My rectangle in group is 10.288045 m just like the entity info says for that curve but the grid wont impose.

i did try to run Flowify but it didnt work. I must not have the exact length.

Read the error message

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THANK U! You’re a lifesaver for this! I just fixed it and now the grid imposes. I wasn’t getting any error message.