How to find a midpoint of the tape measures?

Iam having a hard time to center objects in my scene because the tape measure doesn’t have the possibilites that a line has. Like the midpoint mark…and I dont want to make a lot of lines in my project because it waste time to erase them after all, and making the project messy…

I agree a midpoint snap of guides could be useful. Here is my workaround: Using tape measure I draw a guide on the side, copy it to opposite side, then type /2 to create a copy of the code 1/2 way between. I use guides constantly and have a shortcut to erase them CTRL+SHIFT+G

nice! thank you! how did you configure to have this shortcut? I could find erase tape measures in the Shortcuts menu…

I also like ‘clean’ drawings, but I have a ‘guide’ layer in my template and I will often draw whatever lines, volumes, shapes I need, group them, and then assign them to the guide layer, which I can toggle on and off quickly with a scene that only updates specific layers. When things are very critical I will start locking my guide groups. These are regular lines, just put on a layer that I can toggle quickly. You can even assign a dash style to them if you want.

Otherwise I draw lots of guidelines, copy, paste, move and delete when I’m done.

like this?

I setup tags for work lines, centerlines, center points and whatever else I need. And now that we ca format those as dashed lines it works well. Those tags are in a tag folder called working lines. I can hide them or delete the whole lot whenever I need or want to.

Guide lines are kind of infinite on the model, so the mid point will be the origin or wherever it’s closer to the origin or axis, it won’t help you to find the middle point of a scene, actually on perspective view the middle is relative to what you’re trying to show on your scene, there’s a plugin from fredo that could help you to have different angles of an isometric view on parallel projection, it’s called fredo portrait, it also has perspective configurations but I haven’t used it, just with parallel projection to have different views of a project.