How to fill in the inside of a (very complicated) solid?



I have a model that looks like this:

But the entire inside is hollow, empty space. However, I want it to be completely filled solid. Is this possible?


SU is a surface modeler, a solid in SU is an outer shell with nothing inside.
If the outer surface is correct you have a manifold solid that will print as a solid.


The thing is, I’m trying to do some stuff involving cutting the model which requires the inside to be filled. Is there a way to do so?


In a word, No.
But a model can be easily cut without being solid.


How so? I am trying to create slices using the Zorro tool. So is there a way to cut thin slabs that, when viewed from the top as 2d images, will appear as filled in 2d shapes (not just outlines)?


How many slices?
If it’s a lot use Tig’s Slicer
if only a few Use Section cut face.
Or simply make a slice through with a section plane, make a group from the slice and put a face on it.


Hmm… Tig’s slicer sounds interesting. Does it work in the 2016 version, and if so, could you please provide a link?


Your model will need to be recogonised as an SU Solid for slicer to work.
You need to register to download, it is free.


Hmmm… I installed the plugin but can’t find it anywhere in the menus. Thoughts?


Never mind, I did find it. However, it is saying the object is “not a manifold solid”. Whoops. Is there any way to fix this?


That’s why I asked how many slices.
If it’s only a few it’s less trouble to do them manually than go to the trouble to make what looks like a somewhat messy model into a solid just to slice it.


Here are the basics of a manual slicing.


Even if your model is solid you may not be able to print. Depending on the print technology you use: Commercial printers have a min shell thickness other wise they get into breakage issue when trying to move from print chamber and when using FDM which entails melting plastic filament to extrude thorough a small dia. nozzle it is not self supporting until it cools. In addition with the single shell the printer may treat the whole item as solid and so the print cost can be ~7x more than normal .
Here is one of many links on such subject