How to extract the 3 isometric views with the highest possible quality?

Hello all:

Please notice the web page that I am designing:

Robertson Measurement Tool

It will allow the users to determine by themselves the factibility of (or lack thereof) the infamous Single Bullet Theory/Magic Bullet Theory or SBT/MBT. The user should be allowed to perform zooming with no quality loss and therefore I will be using the SVG format. What you see up there is a mock-up, those files are JPEG taken from my 3ds Max model. However, I decided to use my SketchUp model of Dealey Plaza. See screenshots (still JPEG) below.

How do I extract the views in SVG format? At the minimum I need the 3 isometric/orthogonal views, but some perspective views will be useful as well.


-Ramon F. Herrera
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For a failed way to do this, using 3ds Max, see here:

How to export from 3ds Max the 3 isometric views to a vector (SVG) based file?

The Autodesk employee himself designated his suggestion as a hack.

-Ramon F. Herrera
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If anybody is interested, this is the SketchUp model:

All the material produced by my little 1-person operation immediately goes into the public domain. Feel free to grab anything from the project’s web site.

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