How to export geometry to trimble connect?

I’ve been trying to export attributes from my sketch up model to trimble connect, but for some reason trimble connect does not recognize the geometry of the components.

My intention is to my site manager team accesss the geometry info directly from trimble connect, ideally i wanted the export all info that profile builder provides.

I have looked into attribute inspector extension and the bim manager to create .ifc model and then import to trimble connect but the calculated geometry from trimble connect is way off the real values.

I’m looking for some way to create an formula to get theses attributes so trimble connect can read it, by now i have no idea how can i make it works. If someone had similar issues and get any results im looking foward to it.

Many thanks.

The values ​​calculated by the Quantifier Pro extension are not stored as an “Attribute” in the component instance.

During an IFC export, the Quantifier Pro data should be processed in an Attribute Dictionary, which is then exported as a Propertyset to IFC.

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I had found an workflow that suites me.

All the modelling are done in sketchup, then export the model with IFC Manager Extension.

Open the ifc file in Blender Bim and then create new pset and properties, add dummy values.

Export the properties with ifccsv edit the file and then import with the changes.

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