How to export/convert/alter this SketchUp file so a Cricut machine can read lines vs objects?

I used SketchUp to create a super simple abstract tree shape that I had hoped to export to Cricut Design Space as a usable SVG file. I used the Eneroth extension to create the SVG file. I put score lines vs cut lines on separate layers as well as changed the linetype of the score layer to dashed lines. I have tried everything I can think of and will not go into all the variations here, but every time I import the file into Cricut Design Space, it only sees shapes and therefore everything is defined as a single operation. I can cut the whole thing or score the whole thing, but cannot do a combination of both. I cannot explode or ungroup the triangles to change individual lines from cut to score. I tried erasing the solids and exporting just lines as SVG as well as DXF. Cricut Design Space still reads the triangles. Maybe if I can use color instead of linetypes to define cut and score? My last resort is to literally draw it in Cricut Design Space but that is a super painful process as every line is a simple shape with endpoints that I can move and rotate and lengthen, but there is no easy way to just draw or trace or snap to points. This should be a simple project…
Xmas Card Model.skp (80.0 KB)

I spent almost an hour on the phone with Cricut customer support. They could not think of a way for it to work. I have tried some more options, including exporting a DXF from Layout where I change layers to colors. Nothing works. This is obviously a problem with Cricut Design Space. If I want to do this project, I will have to do all the cutting by hand or I will have to draw the whole thing in Cricut Design Space.

Have you tried exporting the score lines and cut lines as separate files and then combine them in Cricut?

Yes. If I just export lines, then Cricut does not even know what to do with them. The import is blank.

Must be an issue with the Cricut program. I can export an svg and open it in Lightburn and apply different settings to the edges.

Yes, Cricut is the issue. I used every option possible for exporting from SketchUp and Layout. I ended up drawing the whole thing within Cricut Design Space. It was painful but I finally got it.
Card.pdf (1.0 MB)

I do that a lot, with my Cameo.

I model things in SU, if needed I flatten them, and add glue tabs. there are other softwares to do that, but since I’m in SU…

then, I export a top view of my flat shape as a dxf. and import it in illustrator. could be inkscape, or actually, straight into the cameo software. but I like illustrator better.
In illustrator, I’ll simply give colours to the things I need to cut / fold.

and I’ll prepare my cutting sheets :

(red is cutting, black is folding)

and I’ll export each page as an svg for the cameo software to read. works like a charm.

At first I tried to do like you, use tags to make some lines dashed, then direct export, but the cameo software didn’t like it. so I used plain lines too and added the illustrator step.

I’ve used this method on several plotters and laser cutters, it works fine.

eventually, I’ve also tried to export separately the fold and cut lines like here :

to simply reassemble in illustrator

works too.

I went and tried your file.
first, I exported it as a 3d dxf, asking in the options only the lines, no faces.
that way, the tags become layers and the dashed lines are kept. their scale is all wrong but that’s fine.

I’ve selected all the dashed lines (you can select a whole layer at once in illustrator) and adjusted the dashed lines and the colour, to see better.

then, I export an svg out of it.

Plan de travail (2.9 KB)
(had to zip it for the forum)

Does it work now ?


I am so grateful for you sharing your process. I was able to import your file and select everything on the blue layer to change those lines to score. This gets halfway to a printable project and would have saved me all the time it took me to draw in Cricut Design Space yesterday. But I still have to create a single face that encompasses the whole object, otherwise when I go to make the project, all lines are grouped by operation and aligned in rows. It does not see them as bound to a shape. And as I noted before, allowing the faces to be included in the creation of the DXF would not help since Cricut would then see them as objects instead of lines. But thank you again!

Oww, I see the problem then yeah. Silhouette studio sees the lines as they are in the file, and it allows me to cut allowing to 3 main modes :

  • cut/score all the lines colour-wise (for me, red is cut, black is score…)
  • only cut the outline regardless of the inside (say, stickers)
  • cut layer by layer, like your files. a cut layer, a score layer etc.

But yeah, if cricut expects lines + a face, it’s not helping much :sweat_smile:

Out of curiosity, wanna check this one ?
it’s the same BUT in illustrator I selected all the outer lines and joined them in one shape. and I gave this shape a white face. meaning now you have a back face (white fill / black lines), some black cut lines, and some dashed blue lines. It’s supposed to be on 2 layers, cut and fold, but I’m not 100% sure svg format will export / import the layers fine, hence the colour. (4.5 KB)

Thanks again for trying to help me figure out how to create an SVG file that will work with Cricut. The bis.svg file uploaded as cut/score lines with a background shape. So it works! I will use your technique in the future.