How to expand a component on an angle

This is what I ended up with. The highlighted crosspiece still isn’t a component. Make it so.

Exactly what I was envisioning! Great! Thanks.

OK Steve, I tried to follow you but I’m simply missing something. For starters, I don’t understand the purpose of changing the axes. When I tried, I get this small red, green, blue axis thing but I don’t know how to apply it. In spite of this, I was able to follow your first step of removing the side piece from the front style. The second triangle piece from the style intersecting the side piece I just couldn’t get. The best I was able to do was push this piece down but it created a void in the shape of the triangle but most times I couldn’t get the triangle piece highlighted.

Ha! Thanks John. I was able to figure this one out. You taught me something here about moving geometry. If you remember, the back side of the bottom was a bit proud of the side. I used this technique to bring the back of the bottom in alignment with the side. Is there any consequence perse do doing this? Will it limit any further manipulation in the future on this model?

Sorry, I forgot to include the file. Sink cabinet.skp (57.0 KB)

A couple of problems with your model. First, your side panels are double wrapped. That means there’s a component inside a component. One wrapper is plenty but if you leave them double wrapped, you need to open both components to get into the geometry to make edits.

Another problem is that you need to flip the right hand face frame stile along its red axis. Otherwise when you bevel the outside edge of one of them, the inside edge of the other one will get the bevel.

As for the component axes that was referred to, you have them aligned to the model axes (left in this screen shot) while I changed the axes so they align with the edges of the side panel on the right. Notice the difference in the orientation of the blue bounding boxes. One place where this is important is with a cut list. My panel is first in the cut list. You can see that because the bounding box on yours is aligned as it is, its dimensions in the cutlist are wrong. Axis orientation comes into play with adding materials and for some other things, too.

Sink cabinet (1).skp (49.4 KB)

Thanks Dave, if I remember correctly, the side panel was double wrapped when I copied this panel and brought it to the other side and flipped it along the red axis to create the other side panel. Does that make sense?

A few questions:

  1. How do I undo the double wrap and correct it as you did?

  2. How can I pull up the cut list.

  3. Is there any tutorial you can refer me to so I can better understand how the axis work?

Not really. There shouldn’t be any need to double wrap the geometry just to be able to copy it.

Right click on the component and choose Explode. Easiest in your model would be to open one of the top level components and explode the inner one because that would take care of both side panels in one swell foop.

That requires an extension. Your profile says you are using SketchUp Shop which currently doesn’t support extensions. You would need to go to a desktop version. SketchUp 2020 if you are using it for commercial projects or SketchUp 2017 Make if it’s for your hobby.

I’ve done a few over the years. I’ll dredge up a link or two.

Here’s a thing that talks mainly about the cutlist but at around 14:30 starts in on the axis alignment.

Here’s one that talks specifically about the axes.

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I did upgrade to the Pro version so this should support extensions, no?

Yes. The Pro version does. Maybe you could update your profile. It still says you are using SketchUp Shop.

I believe I updated my profile. Can you confirm this?

Not yet.

Excellent! Thank you. I look forward to checking them out. I did find some on YouTube as well.

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Hi Dave,

I went to both my account and profile and both are listing the Pro version. It doesn’t even list “shop” Any suggestions what I need to correct?

Thank you,

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@DaveR is referring to your profile on this forum, not to anything connected with your SketchUp account. To edit your forum profile, click your avatar circle at upper right of the browser window, then click your username in the menu that pops up. In the next menu click “preferences”. That will open your forum account page where you can edit your profile.

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What @slbaumgartner wrote.

Sorry, I’ll try to be more diligent about that.

I’m sorry to be so thick about this but I did go to my preference and expanded the page and saw what you posted above but I saw no place where I could change my license.

Again, that is for editing your profile information on the forum. Click the Profile item on the left, and scroll down a bit. You should see fields like this where you can edit the information in your profle. But this is purely to inform people on the forum what you are running, which is often relevant to giving you correct advice. It has no connection to or effect on your actual license itself.