How to erase an entity that is tied to other entities

I am a newbie. I have a file from a pro I want to modify. I want to erase a wall but when I select it or erase it it is tied to a lot of other pieces that I want to keep. How do I get rid of the one thing?

Without seeing the file it’s hard to say exactly but I expect you need to open the group or component that contains the geometry you wish to erase so you can remove only those edges and faces.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile appears to have conflicting information.

version 8, the file was created in 2018 pro

Perhaps you could edit your profile to correct it.

Did you manage to erase what you want to get rid of?

no, the thing I want to remove is grouped with a lot of other stuff that gets erased along with it

So you have to open the group so you can access what you want to erase.

I think I got it now, found edit group and removed the object

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In the future try to make everything that could be regarded an individual object (e.g. a wall) into a separate group. This simplifies moving and erasing objects.

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