How to enable Parallel projection in sketchup pro 2020

i was watching the following video tutorial:

At 1:41 the person clicked on a rectangle but he clicked in X-ray view and parallele projection. Then he clicked in the rectangle several times and we can see the view has changed. i did the same thing the rectangle does not change the view, see the image. pls

From your snapshot the lower rectangle looks like a component that is open for editing by double click. If your rectangle is just raw geometry it will not look like that no matter how many times you click. is that what you mean?

At first the rectangle was just a normal rectangle, i dont what the person did but when he clicked on the rectangle it appears a red and blue line. That s what i try understand. Maybe the tutorial does not show every steps…

Google “Sketchup component”

ok so he changed the rectangle into a component. thank you @endlessfix

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