How to enable MS Physics?


I recently installed MS physics from the extension warehouse and have it on my downloads.
However each time i open sketchup the ‘extentions’ tab at the top of the page doesn’t appear.
naturally i can’t use ms physics until this extensions tab appears.

what am i doing wrong and how can i fix it?
thanks :smiley:

what did you download, a rbz file ?
If you just downloaded it, it doesn’t mean it’s been installed.
go to window > preferences > extensions and pick install extension, then the rbz file.
restart sketchup

If your toolbar’s still not there, go to view > toolbars and find ms physics in the list and check it

yes, rbz
will do what you recommond and then come back if it works or doesnt work

it works!
thanks very much :+1:

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one other thing… i click the ‘toggle play’ arrow and nothing happens…?
is there somethign else to do…

so far, i installed the extension, opened the file and three boxes came up:

the blue arrow at the top is supposed to start it, but i can’t seem to move the object

I haven’t used this extension for years.
Why don’t you watch tutorials ?

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