How to duplicate struts and attach to sloping geometry?

I want to create struts linking around the main models 4 legs about 350mm apart (top to bottom). So there will be about 6 x 4 struts altogether. I have created a square rectangle, created a line and used follow me to create the legs and one strut.
How can I speed this up? - I imagine I could make a component for each strut length but not sure how to easily tack that to each face. Then do I have to make each strut length as a sperate component?
I’m on sketchup free so no solids or addins, thanks
Pyramid (1).skp (74.9 KB)

Since you’re working centered on the origin, which I think is a good idea for this, I would create one leg in place at the corner of the top. Make it a component and then use Rotate/Copy to copy the component to the other three corners. Copying could also be done with the Flip tool but you’d need to create some temporary thing to flip along the model axes instead of the components axes.

These were done in Pro not SketchUp Free but it’ll be the same process for you.

Make the top plate a component before you add the legs. After the legs are created use Intersect Faces to trim them top and bottom.

That’s great advice for the legs, thanks. Is there anything you add for the horizontal cross struts (one is shown in the model) but I want to create about 24 of them (4 per height at about six heights)? Thanks again.

Just as an idea

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Well, @mihai.s seems to have you sorted but since I made this, here’s an approach that would work.
Making 25 copies with Move/Copy results in 26 rungs. Deleting the top and bottom leaves 24. I only trimmed the ends of one obviously but trimming the rest would be the same process.

Thanks both - if I could mark both as the answer then I would! 47 seconds is certainly quicker than what I was thinking would be the method!