How to draw trapezoid plane?

Use the Rectangle tool and move or scale one of the resulting edges.

Scaling one dimensional entities is not possible in SketchUp natively.
@david22, yo can move a vertex, constrained to an edge’s direction to get two sides not being parallel and leaving the other two parallel.

What is your end use for this trapezoid? If you are wanting to extrude it, it’s actually easier to create in 3D. Or, simply erase the rest if you truly only want a 2D shape. You could also draw this with the edge tool and some guidelines, but it’s slower.


I need it shaped like a slightly truncated pyramid, so that only two planes are in parallel.

A trapezoid is a 2D shape. You’re modeling a truncated pyramid, which is a 3D volume?

Pay attention to the message at the bottom left of the SketchUp model window.

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If you just want 2d Move the endpoints or draw in the angle you want and delete the excess.
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One more way, done with the desktop version, but the Go version shall allows the same procedure.

Trapezoid.skp (205.7 KB)