Help me draw a tetrahedron?


Can someone please help me draw a tetrahedron with 50’ long edges?


few ways to do this, but i would say use the polygon tool, once selected type 3 in the box to create a triangle then draw it on the floor plane. You can then use the measure tool to resize it’s side length to 50’. Then rotate it up 70.52 degrees. Select the now raised triangle and from the apex rotate copy it 120 degrees and type *2 to duplicate it twice…that’s it. If you orbit to the bottom and draw a line from along one edge it will create the bottom face.


Here’s a quick demo of how I would do it, knowing in the back of my mind that the angle needed is 70.528779, stuck there from school many many years ago.


here’s another way




I found a really easy way to draw tetrahedrons on Youtube… Just make a cube, then connect some vertices.

Thanks for the help!


Glad you found that.
Also, if you go to the extension wharehouse there is a good plugin called “3D shapes” by the sketchup team. In there you can just select “pyramid” and enter the amount of sides and it will make it instantly !! While I have this tool installed I never thought to use it for this demo???


The quickest way could be to use the Shapes collection in 3DWarehouse made by SketchUp. Back in the good ol’ days I think it was even included in the installer of SketchUp and stored locally, so you didn’t have to wait for the server to respond, you could just place it.


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