How to Draw the progressively scaled up pattern

Can anyone pls help me how I can make this pattern in sketchup model in an easy way ?

Try this (desktop version)

Without extensions it could take more time to get it done than with extensions as @mihai.s showed you. You’ll have to create a group or component of the element then scale move and rotate it, repeat that until you have the half of the arch, then make a copy of everything, select all and scale it by -1, then paste in place the elements you copied before.

I saw the photo, thought “hey, you could probably truebend something”, then saw your video and yeah. I don’t have the first extension, but scaling stuff isn’t hard. truebend is really handy at times.

Another way is to stop looking at the holes and look at the webs between them, it seems to me they are ‘relatively’ simple tapering arcs with the holes being the spaces between.


Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround. This one worked for me.

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