How to draw stumps for house

How do I draw stumps for the studio I want to build? I am preparing elevations and plan for submission to the local council

It’s not clear what the relationship is between the stumps and the studio. What kind of stumps? You mean tree stumps? Amputee stumps? Muffin stumps?

The fact that you specifically plan to prepare plans and elevations is, I think, a somewhat misguided objective: those are 2D static views, whereas SU is a 3D modeling app.


Are you by chance from Australia or another place where small buildings are often built atop short posts rather than a dug foundation or a poured concrete slab? Is that what you mean by “stumps”? If so, then in the 3D model you simply create a rectangular solid for each post, which seems obvious.

Perhaps the real question is how to portray them in the 2D plans and elevations? Without knowing your local presentation conventions for plans, I don’t see how we can answer here. Please clarify your needs.

Doesn’t the “Parallel Projection” view allow you to rotate a 3D model into position so it can effectively be represented as a 2D?

Yes, but SU is very weak at common drafting chores: its dimensioning and annotation capabilities are poor; it doesn’t produce standard line weights and line types; it doesn’t really know how to format a drawing sheet–no borders, no Title block or Rev block, and so on. It is far from anything resembling a professional drafting program.


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And, reinforcing what @Gully wrote, SketchUp makes no claim to be a document generator. That’s what Layout is for and why it is part of the Pro package.