Creating plan & elevation drawings without the use of a SketchUp model

Drawing in Layout plans & elevations WITHOUT the use of a Sketchup model…

You could do that with LayOut’s Scale Drawing tools but why not use SketchUp?

Wasn’t aware that I could use Sketchup for 2D presentations

You can and you can make 2D views of a 3D model which is even better. Then use LayOut to create the presentation.

OK, think I get your point. I’ll give it a try!
The case is that I often don’t have a 3D model prior to my 2D drawings.

That’s OK. You have to start somewhere.

Thanks, I did, three months ago and so far so good and all ‘auto didact’!

The fastest way to draw 2D plans (and Elevations? But why would you if you can use pushpull) is SU+Layout.

Whatever you do DO NOT draw your initial plan views in CAD…

You’ve been warned :smiley:

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