How to draw brass inlay in Sketchup Make?

Im working on a design for a walnut liqour cabinet with a brass inlay for the front, and I am trying to figure out how to make gold lines on the door panel.

I made a panel in sketchup, filled the panel with a texture using the paint bucket, and then I use the line tool to draw a pattern on the panel. Id like to make all of these lines thicker (about 1/8" wide), and change the color to gold to indicate a brass inlay. How can I go about doing so? Please see the attached screenshot for reference, the highlighted panel on the far right is what I am referring to.

You could make an image and use that as a texture or offset the lines by 1/16th and colour the new sections.

Edit: Something like this.

How do you go about doing that?

With the offset tool. You can offset one shape to the correct size then double click all the others to repeat the action.
I used Tig’s multiple offset to do it in one go.

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Sorry Im still fairly new to sketcup and dont quite follow?

Youre saying I should make a seperate image and then draw the pattern there? Am I then dragging it over to overlay on the original walnut panel? What is Tigs multiple offset?

Do you need to work out each piece of brass as a part or is it enough to show it as a pattern?

Hey Dave, just to show as a pattern. Once I get the patten down, Ill print it at full size and can lay the pieces down on top and use it as a cutting diagram.

Then as Box indicates, you can take your drawn pattern and use Offset like he showed to give width to the lines. Then you would erase the centerlines that you’ve drawn. He might be making an animated GIF as I type.

Dave was right, here is the very basic way of doing it. I didn’t choose 1/16, just a random offset as mine isn’t your size.
You can remove or leave the center line, just colour in the brass as needed.

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How are you able to copy it to each section like that? It prompts me to scale it up or down to the size I want after each new one?

As I said above.

Double clicking them makes them a default size which is larger. I drew the two small ones on the left and when I double clicked the other two and it is larger

Undo back to no offset, then do one, and carefully doubleclick the next.

Same issue. It defaults to a larger size

I can manually do it, thats not that big of an issue. How do I go about filling it afterwards?

With the paint bucket tool.

Gotcha! Thank you!

If you remove the center line it become one face and can be painted as one, or you can leave them in and paint them individually.

Thats exacfly what Im doing right now. Im going through and deleted every center line

Thanks for the help guys, got it looking great!