How to download model as Collada in SketchUp 3D Warehouse?

I am trying to download a model from the 3D Warehouse as Collada (.dae), but I am unable to find a button that allows me to do so (find attached screenshot). The problem is I cannot update to a newer version of SketchUp to import the .skp file directly. Is there an online tool that allows me to downgrade .skp files?

Download button

What is the model exactly? When I click on the dropdown arrow at the right end of the Download button I get the Collada file as an option.

Currently there is no online tool to allow you to save back to SketchUp 2014.

Why can’t you upgrade?

Here is the link to the model: Winter in New Netherland | 3D Warehouse
Why is there no option to download it as Collada?
I wish I could upgrade, however, I heard that SketchUp 2019+ is no longer available for free (I don’t want a trial version).

Yes. That model doesn’t have a Collada file associated with it. Probably due to the way the model is built or the types of objects in it.

The last free SketchUp Make version was 2017. The 3D Warehouse no longer supports that version either so you’d still have to download the Collada file which won’t help with this one.

I guess you must be using SketchUp as part of your hobby. You could perhaps consider modeling this on your own. I expect you can find suitable trees in the 3D Warehouse and probably buildings as well…

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