How to do radial scaling/stretching in sketchUp?

Can anyone help on scaling this geometry radially such that the center of curvature remains the same and the arch scales down proportionally.
Please try to solve this and post a solution. would be a great helpradial bend _skp.skp (225.5 KB)

It would help if you attached the model so we are working with what you have rather than drawing something similar.

Umm… I’m having difficulty understanding what you want to do, but would Shape Bender work?

Just guessing, try Fredoscale box stretching plugin.

radial bend _skp.skp (225.5 KB)


Actually box scaling to target is what you would use if you wish to scale to the other guidelines.
box scaling to target isn’t in the context menu. It’s located in the tools menu in the fredo collection. Then you can scale the arch geometry separately.
You’ll have to work out the “proportional” part

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