How to divide an irregular surface into panels

how to divide an irregular surface into panels

That would very much depend on the shape. Can you give us an example.

Use a grouped lage rectangle, sort of perpendicular to the surface. Position it to intersect the surface and copy(array) it tillen you are satisfied with the Position. Then Use intersect face.


By “surface” I presume you mean a limited plane where anything on it would be co-planar.

By “irregular” I presume you mean not square or rectilinear.

If assumptions are wrong, language is the problem. Upload your file in that case, or at least an image of it.

It would be helpful if you can provide more discussion and an example to clarify what you are trying to do. As is, your post is so terse that we aren’t sure what you intend by “irregular”, “surface”, and “panels” and people are therefore guessing.

If there is a language difficulty, please just do your best and folks here will try to sort it out.

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