Approximate irregular face to rectangles

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I have a bunch of irregular shaped faces that i need to approximate to rectangles but they can’t go out of face boundaries. So the sum of the rectangles areas will be less than the original face area.
Does anyone know a way to automatically do this?

Thanks for any help.


Irregular (coplanar) shapes could be anything. Can you be more specific, post a screenshot or a model file? Also, I taken it that you want the rectangles to represent the max. face areas that can be included in the shapes.

I have a model of a building and i need to approximate the floor plans/faces to rectangles.
Ideally it must start with the biggest rectangle it can find inside the face and then put smaller ones on the remaining areas.

So multiple rectangles per shape. This wasn’t clear to me from the original post. The sum of all the rectangles will be the same as that of the irregular shape … unless you tell who/whatever is “doing” the rectangles to stop at a certain limited area per say small added rectangles. Else you could go on forever adding them.

Could you show an example of screenshot or model of the foot print?

Also, ‘Entity Info’ and the ‘Text’ tool will tell you the irregular face area. But I guess you knew that.

I have this plan/face that I need to approximate with rectangles.

Like this:

Colors are only for make it better to understand

You need only half the shape and its mirrored area which is equal. To reduce the work.
What is the purpose of doing this?
And are there any dimensions involved at all?

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I make models in sketchup to be imported into an acoustic software. There I need to have audience areas, but they must have only 4 vertices. So I wanto to make a copy of my floor plant, slice it into rectangles and put it back on the model at the right height above the floor plan. thats the purpose of doing this.

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I too am curious as to the purpose behind this. It seems like a lot of ad-hoc work that doesn’t lead to a unique result. There are lots of other arrangements of rectangles that would fit into the same space as in your illustration and I don’t know how one would choose between them. Packing in ever more and more sounds like an attempt to approximate the area. But if the shape is a face, SketchuUp’s entity info panel will tell you its area already.

So, can you tell us more about what you are really aiming to accompish?

Edit: your explanation posted while I was typing. Thanks for the clarification. Are there rules or best practices for arranging the rectangles? Just any arbitrary suite seems strange.