How to divide a sail shaped curved surface into windows?

Hi what can I use or how can I divide this building facade that is shaped like a sail
it is concave and has balconies all the way long
only the top floors are differently shaped

I am at a loss how to divide it
does every floor need different sizes windows?

the 2 x two vertical lines are the areas for the elevators

Thank you.

It will be easier to help you if you can upload the .skp model for the image you show.

In principle, you could used a rectangular block the cross section of the window opening you want, then place it where you want the opening.

Then use Intersect Faces to generate the window opening outline in your model, and trim off the surplus geometry.

Hello Mr John
Thank you for your suggestion
here is the model
I made a big block and put the sail in the middle of it
then and clicked on INTERSECT with MODEL
But I guess that was the wrong way (problem maybe is that once the sail is inside the block
I cant see it anymore
Thanks for any further hint and help

The file is locked - you need to make it at least readable by others.

Also, keep in mind that most windows are made of flat glass material. You can envision curved glass for the windows but it will be expensive.

I used Rick Wilson’s very, very old Windowizer plugin:

There is also a recent thread that showed Flowify used in a similar manner.

My apoligies I don’t do this very often. It should not be viewable and hopefully downloadable

Hello I went into Window extensions but can’t see that particular extension (may it have changed name or be taken off? ) I am on window10

There are two versions (free and pay) in