How to divide a complex curved 3D-object into separate segments/layers


I have drawn a complex curved 3D object (boat shape), which will become a small cabinet with drawers. Now I would like to separate this object into 16 segments or parts. I have spent lots of hours to find an “easy” way to do this,without success. Anyone who has an idea to achieve this?

Thank you for your help!


I hope this helps :wink:

That is more or less the idea…

What are you going to do with those now that you’ve got them? Will they be used to make patterns for shaping the “hull”?

There’s no need for an extension do make those sections. It’s simple enough to do with just the Rectangle tool and the Move tool.

In the middle it worked like that… but the next one unfortunately not. It doesn’t copy the curved shape in the rectrangle when I move it.

I’m not sure what you mean. In your image it appears you have a hole in the rectangle. Is that what you want?

Sure not and the picture shows, that he did it without.
But what is than the question?

Well… what I need is 2D shapes like the one on the left side of the .jpeg So I can use the to copy the shape on my wood. The second one should be almost the same, but a bit smaller of course.

Understood. I sent you a private message.

One simple way is to use section planes.

I’ve just noticed the strangest thing about that Gif, it has somehow recorded itself being saved and then repeats a section, Sorry about that, it also crashes when I try to edit it out.


Wow… thank you so much!

I have recently uploaded a tutorial on this. Thought it would be worth sharing.

it’s not exactly complex curved 3D object, but the method would be the same for it.