How to cut off a component wall comprised of many components?

This is a borrowed section of retaining/foundation wall from the Warehouse. Not only is the wall a component but it’s made of blocks that are individual components. I want to cut the right wall off so it’s flush with the left and no searches seem to address this specific issue. Thanks for reading. I’m going to lose my mind. Things this simple should not be this effing hard. Please help.

You’re right and it isn’t hard to do what you want to do. Open the wall component for editing and delete the block components you don’t want. If the sections of the wall are copies of the same component, right click on the one you want to edit and make it unique. Select the ones that are left that are too long, right click on them, choose Make Unique. Then edit one of the instances and use Push/Pull to adjust the length back to where you want the corner to be.

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Thanks, DaveR. I did it block by block. But here should be a SO-MUCH-FASTER-AND-EASIER way to do this. I’ve cut things before by sliding a rectangle in and selecting what to chop off but it doesn’t work with each block also being their own component. #serenitynow Thanks again!

If you were using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Go you would have access to the Solid Tools that will make it much easier and faster. As a hobbyist using SketchUp Free, you have to do a little more work.


Realistically a wall made of block components will very quickly weigh down your model. Unless there is a specific reason you want all the blocks a texture would be more efficient.


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