How to cut a hole in a skewed object

Trying to cut a hole in a roof for a dormer in Sketchup Go (SU Web with subscription). The linked model shows a solid rectangular solid skewed in one dimension (the roof) and a second rectangular solid (the dormer hole) inserted through the roof. Both objects are configured as groups. I would like to basically subtract the dormer object from the roof, leaving a rectangular hole through the roof, with its top and bottom edges in the horizontal plane.

Is there some way to do this using intersecting objects? Or any other tool available in SU Web?

If I need to do something to the linked model to make it copyable or editable, please let me know.

Thank you.

Please share the file instead of just giving us a viewer link.

Here it is, downloaded as a .SKP and then uploaded. dormer hole 1.skp (113.1 KB)

Thank you.

Since you have SketchUp Go the easiest thing would be to use Subtract from the Solid Tools.

If you want to use Intersect Faces, explode the box, select the geometry and use Cut (Ctrl+X), open the roof for editing, right click and choose Paste in place at the top of the Context menu. Then select the geometry and use Intersect Faces followed by deleting everything that isn’t the roof. You need the the faces from the sides of the box to create the sides of the opening. Also don’t forget to reverse those faces so the white faces are towards the opening.


THANK YOU! That was easier than I thought!

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