How to create this wall surface and material?

can someone help me how I can create this same surface or material in SketchUp you can use any render engine from these
v-ray or enscapee3d or twinmotion
it will be best if you create this material and pack it in a Sketchup file and post it in reply

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This doesn’t look like a material, rather custom panels set at a specific grid module. You may find better luck modeling it yourself for more control. For example, what is the size of the wall it’s placed onto? Does it matter if if the panels are cut off at the edges or should they be kept whole?..These questions affect the final outcome and should be considered as a designer.



You are asking for a fish, but you should be asking for a pole.

If you are interested in subbing out this part of your design project, you should open with that.

If you want someone to analyze and recreate this design for you, then post it here in a ready to use format, you may find that there aren’t many people who are willing to do what they already do professionally on a daily basis, for free…

But you certainly will find lots of people who are willing to guide you into ways of figuring it out yourself.

There are many users here who have Sketched for longer than I have known how to spell “architecture”.

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  • Start by preparing the image you will be working on. You can use Gimp, Affinity Photo, Photoshop, etc.

  • You will come to something like this

  • Import image to SketchUp and draw lines over

  • Offset inside

  • Draw arcs over one of the sides

  • And extrude with PushPull

Now, you have two options: use it as geometry, or create a texture (DIFF, BUMP, NORM, etc.).