How to create similar images - suggestions sought


New to SketchUp and would appreciate guidance from the more knowledgeable on the attached images - more specifically, how to recreate the same style. Is it a specific add on/extension?


Mix two styles


If you open the ‘Styles’ tray in SU you will find a whole bunch of shipped Styles to experiment with. Your image may of course be a style that has been set-up in SU by the model’s author but you do not need any extensions to do the same. So, as a starting point try a something from the ‘Sketchy Styles’ tab and then explore the Edit tab. The face style will likely be ‘Shaded’ or ‘Shaded with Textures’ Once you concoct something to your liking click the update box at the top left of the panel (two arrows chasing each other). Maybe give your new style a name as well.

Hope this helps - experiment!

Mihai has just posted but will add this anyway.

Much appreciated both. Really useful.


If you don’t find a suitable sketchy style in the ones that are included with SketchUp, there are others available through in Shop at Sketchucation and there are some available at Sketchup Artists. And of course since you have Style Builder, you can make your own. They are not at all difficult to create.