How to create 'read-only' file in sketchup

Hello there, does anyone know how to export an .skp file so it can only be viewed in the skethcup viewer and not able to be modified? My boss has asked me to send a client a model, but of course I don’t want to allow them to modify it as they could easily download sketchup free and do as they like. Thanks in advance

You are right, they could download the SketchUp Make 2017 version or apply the web version to alter your model. Sorry but there is nothing you can do about that. You cannot lock a *.skp file for SketchUp.

possible solutions:

Explode the model
Sent only screenshots/animation
Export as .dae
Use Render software like Kubity or Enscape and send the link (Twinmotion is free, now)


Exporting 3D PDF from Sketchup:


Extension Warehouse (install by “Window > Extension Warehouse > Search: 3d pdf”)

3 years later. Are they still neglecting this feature?

On Trimble-Connects homepage you can start a new project. Then upload your model too that project from SketchUp. Go to Files>Trimble-Connect>Upload file to Trimble-Connect.

Open the web browser and login to Trimble-Connect. Enter you project. Now you should see you uploaded file. Check in the smal box to the left of the file name. Look on the right side on the page and select share. There you can send the file. There is an option too chose “can only be viewed not downloadable”

Good luck!