How to create "error" message within Dynamic Component options dialogue box

Hello All,

Does anyone have a macro on how to create the above question?

The attached cabinet is restricted with its respective dimensions (H,W,D), so what I would like now is when somebody enters in say eg: <600mm for the width or >1000 for the width it will display “error” in the DC options dialogue box and remain at the current size.

At the moment you can see from the attached .skp file that I made the model simply expand to 2000mm (200cm) to display that the size they entered does not work. This is suffice however I would prefer an error message (or something similar) to display in the dialogue box.

Does anyone know to incorporate this with what I have done?

Cheers to everyone who has time to help.

Wolf from NZ

Attached is:
1 x .skp
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Base 2 Doors.skp (160.8 KB)

use largest and smallest to work within a range:
the “errors”
can be colored in the component info attributes, use conditional statements to detect them.

restricted sizes.skp (174.0 KB)

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@pcmoor Thanks Phillip! I see what you did and its a great solution.

How do I incorporate the required error macro’s into the macros I have already created though?

Cheers again for your answer!


Did you download the model attached? its your cabinet with the “error” formula. There is currently no method to color the input, however you can make the user aware with an info attribute like summary

Yeah Thanks Phillip, I downloaded the model and worked out how to add the macros.

Cheers again, thats a really helpful method to what I wanted.



though note I had the min,max values in the height the wrong way around, plus need to include the kicker (15cm)

Thats ok Phillip, I just left them the way they were got it working great!

Thanks again for your help in this one…


Nice Work Philip