Constraining Min + Max Dynamic Components Help required

Hi All,

I have searched the internet, and also the Sketchup help section and cannot find an answer to my problem. I’m hoping someone knows.

See the attached Image.

I would like to constrain the width of this one door cabinet between TWO width dimensions only; from a minimum of 150mm wide, to a maximum of 600mm wide.

** Importantly, I would like to be able to enter a width dimension in the component options box eg; 352mm, and the width snap to this size. But if a smaller than minimum or larger than maximum size of eg: 145mm or 676mm it will not allow. Is this possible?

I got as far as I could with the DC constraint formula, however I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Has anyone the time to guide me through this simple request?



You would need some formula, check this thread:

Thanks MikeWayzovski.

Unfortunately I still don’t understand where to start with this. I have never used Dynamic Components before.

please share your model, easier to check, alter. It appears that you need to multiply each current value by 2.54, as ‘current’ returns inches for measurement units

however don’t need current
range to nearest mm.skp (22.4 KB)

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