Dynamic components maximum/minimum

Im trying to make a dynamic component with a minimum size.
But when i test it, i can still reduce the size to something smaller then i have set the minimum to.

Is there something wrong in the formula if have put in?

@pcmoor i already found you know allot on this stuff

sorry i think i havent explained exactly what i want.

i want to make a stair that always suffice with the building rules for stairs.
so the building rule for the netherlands say the curtail step has to be a maximum of 188 mm
So i want to make the component so that you can never increse the size to anything above 188 mm.

You need to include the current value
The Current formula returns inches, so for metric need to times by 2.54

lenx = smallest(current(“lenx”)*2.54,80)
lenz = largest(15.5, current(“lenz”)*2.54)

this works well for a scale or calculation, however you would not allow the operator to excess lenz, or lenx directly

so input would be custom attributes; breedte and optrede
lenx = smallest(breedte,80)
lenz = largest(15.5, optrede)

no need for current formula

if you post the file and can help with it if got more requirements

Dynamic Stair.skp (2.0 MB)

(i use sketchup 2018)

curtail step <188
Riser > 220

First can you rebuild making one step, with axis for each part and main at default,(bottom front, left ) then build the relationship between parts and position, do not use the small/ large formula at this point, these will be in the main component “stairs”

Return the step then will show how to create the copies

The main DC would divide the total height to get number of steps, within the parameters of max/min rise and going, then copies within the DC will produce the desired result

Dynamic Stair 2.0.skp (178.4 KB)

This is the standard for each step i need