Component Options window dimensions not working(?)



My understanding from the documentation is that I can set the dimensions of the Component Options window for my dynamic component by setting values for DialogWidth and DialogHeight attributes. No matter what values I enter into the Component Attributes box, the Component Options window always opens with the same (default) dimensions. Furthermore, I would expect (hope? wish?) that once added to the DC’s Attributes window, the DialogWidth and DialogHeight fields would reflect the corresponding Component Options window’s size as displayed, much like the DC size attributes do.

Can anyone help me understand how to use these attributes, or understand what my misconception is about them?



How about uploading your SKP file with the component so we can see exactly what you’ve set up so far and guide you to a solution?


myDC.skp (18.1 KB)

here’s a sample dynamic component. I’ve messed with the DialogWidth and DialogHeight values in the Component Attributes window, but no matter what I set them to, they seem to have no effect on the Component Options window size. Am I misunderstanding what those attributes are for?


The size settings work for me (on SU2016.) I modified a picket fence DC to have bigger Options dialog size, and switching back to a non-DC group, the dialog shrinks to the default size. Back to the fence, it grows to the size I set.

You double-click the value field, enter an integer and press ENTER, and the Options dialog changes size. It helps also to save the file, and if you are creating a component library you’d need to rewrite the component file out again to whatever collection folder it is a part of.


Thanks Dan. That’s exactly how I expected it to work, but it has never happened for me, and I’ve tried to use these attributes in a bunch of different DC’s. I’m thinking that maybe the Component Options window is different on Mac (my experience) vs. Windows (your experience). I can resize the Options window manually (until closed, then it reopens at the default size), but setting these attributes for a component seems to do nothing at all.


@slbaumgartner, can you test this on the Mac, or do you know if it is a known issue ?

@dougward, Do you have the latest DC version (1.4.2 ) installed ?


Yes, latest DC extension, SU and OS. I’ve never had it work in any previous versions, either.


Not tonight (guests coming) but maybe tomorrow


Are there any Mac users that are able to confirm whether the DialogWidth and DialogHeight attributes do anything to the size of the Component Options window on the Mac? Does anyone know if this is a known issue?


Sorry, I finally remembered this topic. So far as I can see, the sample file you attached does not have any components in it at all, let alone a DC, just a plain 24 x 36 x 30 box?


Oops. Try this one. myDC.skp (24.6 KB)


All the time… I can’t really remember when it stopped working correctly ( 2014)? Hardly use it .
My main concern wih DC’s in MAC is that the Components Dialog window frequently stops displaying info ( stay’s empy whenselecting DC)


OK, thanks! I confirm that on my Mac changing the attributes has no effect on the dialog size. It always opens at the same default size.


Thanks for looking at that. It’s been a disappointment to not be able to use that feature.

Does this count as a bug report, or is there somewhere else I should report it?



I added the bug tag to this topic, which may get Trimble’s attention, but you could also submit it to them. There has been effectively no maintenance on DC’s in a long time, so this bug may not get fixed soon!


The possibility is that the bug is with the Ruby API’s UI::WebDialog class. (Which really means it most likely will not get fixed as this class is deprecated, and extensions are migrating to the newer UI::HtmlDialog class.)

Here is a Ruby Console test.
With the DC extension loaded a DC inserted into the model, and it’s instance selected, open the DC Options dialog.

dco = $dc_observers.get_latest_class.instance_variable_get(:@dialogs)[$dc_CONFIGURATOR_NAME]
#=> #<UI::WebDialog:0x0000000b86e6a0>

#=> 345

#=> 560

#=> Immediately changes the width of the DC Options dialog on PC (under IE frame.)

If the width does not change on Mac which runs in a Safari browser frame, then it is the API class at fault.


Thanks for that, Dan. It works to manually set the size in the Ruby console, so I guess that means that the DC extension isn’t using the WebDialog class correctly? I assume there is noting that I can do about that, but maybe it will get caught and fixed in some later update to the DC extension. Either way, it’s a bit reassuring that the fault is not in my chair :wink: