How to create complex shape and fill with hatch

I’d imagine it is easy but i am trying to simply trace the section cut in layout , have a thick stroke line and gray fill. It is a somewhat complex orthogonal shape.

Could you show an example of what you’re trying to trace?

jpg attached.

I have SU pro 2013 and LO 2013. I need to simply eliminate all of the visual clutter from the section cuts - anywhere something is cut by the section plane i would like to have a black stroke line and gray fill. can this be achieved in sketchup, pre layout in this or later versions?

The first section shows my attempt using rectangles, exacto and glue tool but the rectangles on bottom right are not cut out, only gray. Tedious and unsuccessful process.

How about using TIG’s Section Cut Face available from Sketchucation. It puts faces over the section cuts and it’s easier than trying to trace those regions in LO.

Can’t seem to open rbz plugin file.

You don’t open it. You install it using the Window menu>Preferences>Extensions>Install Extension function in SketchUp.


You don’t open an RBZ file. go to window>Preferences>Extensions and click on Install Extension… Navigate to the RBZ file, select it, click Open, Yes, OK. It’ll be installed. As per the instructions for that extension, select the Section cut plane, right click on it and you should see the option to add the section cut face.

If you’re doing a lot of this check into SKALP which, I believe, will do exactly what you’re trying to accomplish plus a whole lot more.

It might be overkill or might take your models to a whole new level…

Thanks for feedback. I ended up installing both Skalp and Section Cut Face and both seem more trouble than they are worth given the simple thing I want to do. (sometimes has trouble discerning between area to be filled and area of the room)

I am still hoping that there is a way in layout to trace around the section cut and fill with gray, stroke with black. I can do this easily but the one thing i cannot do is subtract out an area of filled space as with section 1 above - see two grayed out rectangles on right side of building.

Sure. That can be done. I used Pink and red to make it show.

If you do that, make sure you have settled on the final view or you’ll have to redraw the shapes for the fill.