How to create a trapezoidal dynamic furniture

how to create a trapezoidal dynamic furniture

Post some images and/or a model so people know what it is your trying to do….


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What kind of dynamics did you have in mind here?

Hi, thanks for your interest. I would like to know if you can change the dimensions of the pieces individually.

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Okay it can be done by the division of complex shapes into simple parts,
The best policy is to create a basic DC component first, a board, saveas then bring it into a purged or new file, this allows the instance name to rule the headers. Then add a descale “group” this helps to assure instant uniqueness when copying. Add all the normally required attribute and those which you will use in the reports generator. Then saveas for first basic part, then copy this and then place the shapes required as solid groups within this skin, to build up the collection as you required.
then use these shapes to create the models shown or any other.
The Keys being:

  • use solid groups at the base level, these can be union to represent the correct shape later if required
  • use parent! as you reference, so the change in the instance name does not cause an error
  • for DC copy function you must remove the descale as it plays havoc with copies
  • as copies are not fully reported in the report , you have to create an internal list in the copies parent (not done in this sample)
  • I included a code system so the dividers and shelves can be placed as you wish, currently five bays, 6 shelves per bay max, just repeat the code to add more if required, the code DC can be reused in other DCs provide you include the correct reference first, otherwise it bogs down due to errors
  • new creations of the parts must be saveas, then brought back into the working file purged of that item or a new one for the instance name to visible in the dialog
  • you have do a redraw after painting on a DC, a bug

Cabinet Stock.skp (711.3 KB)

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some errors with regards the angle unit
positive pitch was 1.6 too high
some parent references not changed to parent! from initial title.
thickness reference
Later will look into removing the access geometry, which was not considered for this demo
I left the original for anyone interested

Cabinet Stock.skp (720.9 KB)