Dynamic Trapezoid

I need to make a surface or a solid that is trapezoid shaped and a sub-component within a dynamic component. I need to be able to change the height, bottom length and top length. I have tried making each related surface a sub-component of a higher tier component, and I can change and move them, but the trapezoid surface does not adjust.
Any help appreciated.

Ztrapezoid.skp (75.8 KB)

Divide the shape into simple 3D solid elements of rectangle or triangle, make them groups and the whole a component. Each element within the component definition is govern by its size and position formulas. You can hide the correlated lines/surfaces if required or use “outer shell” to make a manifold solid after the dynamic change. For the simplified component further changes can be made by swapping the instance with the original definition held in your file folders. I will upload a working example in a few days on the basis this is not an education assignment.

Also check this thread:

Thanks, this seems to work.
Trapezoid2.skp (97.8 KB)

You were ahead of me on the need to hide lines. Outer shell does it, but I lose the dynamic features. Hide correlated lines surfaces was not an obvious thing, so I will look for that, and hope for an explanation in the meantime.
I really appreciate your help with this.

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