How to create a top surface for a hexagon with curved up edges?


Thank you all for your help. I am out of town and will upload the drawing when I get back. It took me some time to figure out how to upload a pic. I now knew. Thanks to you all.


I did this to challenge myself. I did meet couple of hurdles as I am new to using sketchup.


As I close the edges point to point it did not generate a face but remained open.




As @simoncbevans has implied, without more information we can at best only guess what you are dealing with. Uploading an example model is the best way to show us. An image is also helpful, but is a weaker alternative.


See attachments. to upload an image use the symbol in the bar above the writing area (see attachment - “use this”)
Then on next screen navigate to your file (choose file)[1] and then hit upload[2].


As for your issue - see image 3. you may just need to trace a line to recreate a missing face. Turning on hidden geometry may also help show you whats going on because after rounding/softening, geometry gets hidden.


It is actually not like that. The one I did has a turn down eaves with the mid edges curved up. But thank you very much anyways.


This is also useful to know, too.


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