How to create a "pushed-in" oval shape

Hi all,

I have trying to design a “pushed-in” oval -shape, I’ve been looking for extensions for helping with designing/building and sand box seems to be getting me closer to desired result, but can’t really make it. Would someone be able to guide me on designing this shape

Reference picture on desired design:

Any help on guidance appreciated


Curviloft extension



Or save your self the hassle and download the 3D model from the manufacturer
3D models are at the bottom of page

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The 3DS version imports in SU ok. But it is placed a long way from the SU origin.

To relocate it, start the Move tool, click on the point on the object you want to move to the origin, then type [0,0,0

SU will close the square bracket for you, and move your picked point to the origin.

It will look nearly black until you turn off Edges in the Styles/Edit window.

Having more data about that shape, I used a different technique to create a Mid-poly model, with other extensions.
SKP model as an idea - lampa-03-web.skp (538.3 KB)

With FredoSpline (or Bezier Spline) I created 4 splines (paths) in the three planes (XY, XZ, YZ) with a specific number of segments.
With TIG Extrude Tools > Extrude Edges by Rails I created the quad surface.
With thomthom QuadFace Tools > Unwrap UV Grid I created the flat surface (group), over which I drew the new surface with holes.
Then I used Caul Flowify and created the final shape (only a part of it). Then with the TIG Mirror plugin you can create the whole model.

Depending on how detailed you want to create the model, you change its flat shape, then apply it over the 3D one (with Flowify).

For a Low-poly model just use the base shape with a material with transparency for holes.


Thanks, stupid me. Didn’t see that option on that web page. I really like to shape and was willing to create it on my own. But now I have a shortcut…

Like your approach. will definitely try this out. As it seems to be also a solution for more complex, similar shapes - thanks.

I guess it’s a good exercise to see if you could replicate it in Sketchup :slight_smile:y
Especially as it’s a very detailed product model, so it is going to be pretty performance intensive

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That looks great. The slots came out just right. Is the way they fit perfectly within the quads a function of Flowify or technique?

That’s what I planned and it’s a combination of the number of spline segments and the Unwrap UV Grid (and with the help of Extrude Tools, which creates quads). This will tell Flowify where to map geometry over quads.

Thank you!

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