How to create a Pineapple post cap



I’m trying to draw a very specific post cap detail. It’s called a pineapple post cap. I’ve tried drawing it myself with little success. Anybody have an idea of how I can draw this?


Which part are you having a problem with?
It’s pretty much draw the profile you want and ‘follow me’ it with an octagon.
The base is slightly different as it is four sides to eight, but that’s only a matter of blending.


As Box said…


Thanks, Dave. Clearly I’m new to Sketchup. I’m guessing you drew the profile using the pencil and arch tool?


All of it. Really showing my experience level here. Dave helped me understand how it can be done. I’m realizing the power of the Follow Me tool. Thanks


You could draw it all with the 2-Point Arc and Line tool. For the large curve on the pineapple, since it isn’t a circular curve, i used a Bezier curve drawn with the Classic Bezier Curve tool in Bezier Spline which is an extension available from Sketchucation.


Sorry, I was on my phone. Back now, give me a sec.


Here you go, a rough moving version to get you started.
All native tools.


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