How to create a model like JBL CLIP+ SPEAKER

I’m new in SU (1 month), so it’s just a practice for now. After watching some tutorials decided to try to create some models. And that things above as you see became questions that’s why I decided to ask here for a help and get some explanations from those people who have already got an experience working in SU.

It’s just a grid of cylinders intersected with a follow me’d shape.

I just tried to do the next:

  1. Created this shape from circle tool
  2. Created some cylinders.
  3. Used solid toold to cut these multiple holes from a group of solid cylindres.

    Sure I’m doing something wrong.
    So how did you do your shape thin?
    Because SU doesn’t let me cut holes in my shape from cylinders while its shape is not a solid.

I didn’t mention solid tools.
I said Intersect.
As you see here with the geometry in the same context I simply intersect the faces of the selection.

Yes, I tried to do like it at first. But thought it can’t be like I have to delete then each circle manually. Or there is only such a way while using such a method?

Select the face, not the holes.


Yes, it works! Thanks a lot to you and everybody who took a part!

The drape tool from earlier will produce the same results as the intersected cylinders.

Yes indeed drape will, so many ways to do things.
In the same way if you want thickness without having to remove all the faces, extrude the edges using tig’s tool or fredo’s tools. Each is acceptable.

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reminds me of a past project I had to do !


By the way. Here is a nice tool in Maya to make such perfect deformations

Why haven’t we got something like that in SketchUp?

Yep, that’s why I mentioned doing this in blender as Sketchup modelling does not use the same 3D NURB type modelling as Maya, Blender, FormZ etc. but uses polygons/surfaces which aren’t as fluid to manipulate.

I do not have clothworks, but I wonder if that would work without the distortions. Anyone?

Yes. I love SU because of it’s simplicity. But definitely there are some lacks have to be to make it’s soft easier for use.

I use it ( and tried it for this) but don’t think it would work for this as it wouldn’t produce anything more than the textured version. The cloth is a single face without dimension with a texture on it… So while it would drape, there would be excess fabric as it wouldn’t stretch and so have wrinkles? Some of the fabric settings and a lot of gravity might pull it out??? I think the textured version works as well but the OP wanted dimensional geometry.

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Hi all,
I found a way to create holes without distortion.
In fact you have to use the ThomThom RayTracer plugin.
This plugin allows to drop components oriented on a surface. These component can line up on the surface if they have been set with “Glue> Any”

I made sure that the gluing is done in the center of the hole component

Then just follow the methods described above to achieve the modeling

create the “holes” component

Drop the “holes” component


Hi! Thanks. Nice plugin.

Hi! I decided to try as an alternative variant - using a texture to make perforations as you said it’s easier to do. So now here is a problem with uv mapping to do this task. Can you explain please what do I need to use to make it? I just used a dome and set a texture like “projected” to the whole surface. From one side it looks ok and from the other it’s bad.

I understand that SU hasn’t got any internal good UV unwrapping tools. And I found SketchUV plugin. So I’m ready to use this plugin to work in some external UV mapping software to unwrap my SU models. But when this plugin exports a model to obj format the appearance of it looks in for example 3ds Max not the same as in SU. My goal is to do all the jobs here in SU except UV mapping and of course texture painting of my model - I will use for that Photoshop. And I’m going to buy SU VRAY plugin. I’d like to have an option to “render uv template” and I can do it in 3ds Max. But how to import this UV mapping correctly to SU in order I could paint a texture to my model and see what part of my model I’m working with (see the article here, hope you understad what I need)

I use sketchUV mapping tools which is a plugin.
I would then set the mapping mode to spherical. Using this tool its important to align the view before doing so and there are some video tutorials for this.

You may also have control on the way the texture maps from inside your rendering software. Not sure which one you are using.