Creating a curved surface object Subwoofer


Hi I’m aiming to create the subwoofer shown in Sketchup but not sure what would be the best approach, I have all the dims in CAD.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Chris.


This always seem to lead to problems in the corners, I have never had good results, always had to clean up some edges…


Draw profiles and then use Fredo’s lofting tools to skin.
Then use two different profiles of fredo’s round corner.

The other version on the right could be done using ThomThom’s sub-d too? This quickie had straight sides.


I haven’t tried, but I suppose you could draw the curved edge profile and “follow me” it around a rounded rectangle (base), which would be quick and efficient.


Yeah, turned out great. You’d just have to add a rounded top edge on the profile, but works great!! Better yet, no extensions required :slight_smile:


Looks good as a no extension solution, the only setback to this is that the vertical corner profile is bigger at the bottom than at the top on account of the “follow-me” profile sweeping a bigger radius at the base, whereas the “round corner” treatment on the one edge keeps it consistent like the original.

I’m never quite sure why there is a fondness to not use extensions, especially those that are free of charge, as Sketchup would not be a viable modeler in a non-rectilinear world. The Sketchup Team recommend their use all the time and I think SU deliberately maintain a bare-bones tool set and rely on extensions so that users can add those extensions to make their own bespoke program, fitting their individual needs, otherwise they would of had to add additional tools long ago to stay competitive with other programs.

Attached another sample closer to the original.



Good point about the differing radii, nice catch. I have nothing against extensions either; I was simply remarking at the pleasant possibility that it might be done natively, that’s all.

I use extensions all the time for the very reasons you explained. My only issue with them is that oftentimes they aren’t as polished or user friendly as a native tool might be, that’s all. I believe we all dream of the day when the best of the best and most useful extension features become part of a new release.



Yet another version …


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Thanks for everyones help :slight_smile: