How to create a curving road from a picture which is not along axis using pencil and same like this and same lengthnot along axis? in 2d


red line is almosr 2000 feet i want make same length and same kind of line (ROAD) in sketchhp

and this red line is also in 2d i also want exact copy of red line in 2d or 3d to start my design

Are you using the free web version as your profile says?

no my version is cracked

this oicture is taken from gooogle map and marked in google map too then save the pic in my system… me want to draw copy of this road on sketchup

Oh man, you shouldn’t do that.

You’ve come to the wrong place for help. We don’t help thieves.

sorry i dnt know

i want modeling through photo red line not using free hand becuse its very diffcult

i said sorry… idont know in our country its common… sorrry again guys

i am student and i cnt afford to buy… SORRY AGAIN

First thing: Buy a subscription license for SketchUp Pro.

It doesn’t make it right. It’s illegal to use cracked software.

There is a student license available at a substantially reduced price.

Your instructor should make it clear to the whole class that using cracked software is not right.


You can get a student license for $55 USD. Consider it part of the cost of getting an education. And I’m not your bro. My bros aren’t thieves.

ok mistr

A country where people steal from each other rather than pay the value of their work properly has a hard time generating money or value.