How to correctly build to scale

Hi I am looking to try and do the Stadium of my football team.

I have seen a lot of cool stadiums of clubs but just wondered…how do I calculate it so it is scaled down properly to size?



No need to worry about scaling your model. The design and intent of SketchUp is you build your model to real world dimensions.

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Yeah I get you but what I mean is is there a way of getting my project to be as close as possible, I have saw someone do it and it is perfect. Sorry if this project is someome from the group this an example

All you need are the dimensions.

But how do I get them I wouldnt know where to get them sorry i am new to this.

If you want to model it at life size, which would be reasonable, you use the tape measure tool to measure the length of a known object, then you type the length it should be, and you’re asked if you want to resize the model.

The challenge then becomes how to know the exact length of something. Good thing that there is a football field in the model.

Thank you I am new to this and probably way ahead of myself haha is there maybe a useful video tutorial for this?

Thank you!

You might start here at The learning Center and The Sketchup Channel on You Tube. Both are by the Sketchup Team.

Something that has only been going for two months is a ‘Square One’ series in the SketchUp YouTube channel. In those Aaron goes into a lot of depth on each of the tools. There are seven videos already:

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Were I looking for this type of specific data I would consider being more specific on which one of the hundreds of stadiums I was interested.

In my experience getting architectural plans of any type for a current stadium is near impossible due to the obvious security risks involved. I’ve tried several times over the years doing event production and it’s always the same.


Thank you for all the responses. I came across this, I dont imagine you would see something like this today but this was 1981. This should help me a lot!!