How to copy Sketchup program to another PC

I have Sketchup at work with many extension and i want to load that exactly into my Sketchup Pro at home, can that be done without reinstalling every extension ?

The best work flow for this would be to install the extensions fresh from their source. You can sign in to the Extension Warehouse and automatically install extensions you installed on your work machine from there. If you have extensions from SketchUcation that you installed using the SketchUcation Plugin Store tool, install that tool and sign in. Then you can install your bundle of extensions from there.

If you just copy the extensions from your work machine, you are likely going to have problems. Some extensions need to be installed through their official installer and some have likely been updated since you’ve installed them so they’d need to be updated. If you are one of those who enjoy chasing load errors, you can copy them, though.

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I signed in extension warehouse, where would i see my extensions ? also ive downloaded allot of extensions not directly form Sketchup, I’m sure they wont show up on extension warehouse ?

Open the Extension Warehouse in SketchUp (Window menu) and hover the cursor over your name in the upper right corner.

Click on Install All.

For extensions you didn’t install using the Extension Warehouse or the SketchUcation Plugin Store tool, you should go to their source and get the latest copies to install.

I aggere: the best work flow for this would be to install the extensions fresh, but in some cases, for example if you have exactly same version of SU on both computer… it will work most probably.

Normally the extensions (plugins) are located in :

c:\Users\Your _User_name\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp VERSION\SketchUp\Plugins
c:\Users\dezmo\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\Plugins\

You can copy the content of this folder from your work computer to home computer.
Do not need to copy the folders and files, name staring with “su_…”.

Note: If you have a specially installed plugin then this method may fail!!

Again, I personally I also recommend to use a fresh install at least what you find in Extension Warehouse or Sketchucation Pluginstore.

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