How to copy a rounded corner to another corner

I have been trying to follow some videos on youtube to learn how to use this program. I have come to the conclusion that the pro version of this program must be way different then this program ( I am using shop).
I am needing to copy this arc to the other corners of this square, in the video he just double tapped the arc and then double taped the corner where he wanted it.
Also is there a way to tell whether I am using the shop version or the free version?

This feature is available in SketchUp Shop and SketchUp Free. In order to work the first arc needs to be made tangent to both edges.

This is demonstrated in Shop.

Easy ways to determine if you are using Shop or Free. SketchUp logo watermark in upper right corner of screen in SketchUp Free. Availability of things like Solid Tools in Shop but not Free.

So I was leaving the arc tool to erase before copying the arc to the other corners. How did you erase the points while in the arc tool? Why is the arc tool bringing up this dialog box? !!

Looks like you are right clicking rather than double clicking.

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I double clicked to set the first arc.

The menu is the Context menu. It appears when you right click.

for me it is appearing as soon as I click to set my arc point

Are you right clicking when you try to set the point? What kind of mouse are you using?

I have a 3 button scroll wheel, I restarted the program and that issue went away

ok got it, the double click was what I was missing. I erased the point and then couldn’t copy the other arcs across.
How do I tell if i am using the shop version or the free web version?

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