How to convert cad road network to SketchUp

final 26-12-2014 changes by Asad DD.dwg (2.5 MB)
I just want to ask
how to convert cad road network to sketchup
I means to say I have road network data in form of cad/dwg
I want to built 3d model in sketch up
help me

the dwg is a mess in regards to Z positions, is this the only drawing you have got to work with?

i have more files to built the 3d models in sktechup
it is one of them

can you clean them up?, remove labels?

maybe best to set z to zero, as parts seem to be out of context

oh yes nice
how i can set z as zero ?? remove labels ??
tell me the simple solution how i can built this ?
but it should b in 3d and bridges can easily seen

sketch up is new for me
i would like to add 3d road network modelling in my mphill thesis

do you have a cad program where you can edit the dwg files? if not Draftsight (1 month trail) then free for basic version could be the answer.

i have cad program in my office but not in my home
but i donot want to work with cad
because i have collect prepared data
so i want to proceed in sketch up

Okay. So import the file as is in to sketchup
From menu, File import … an explorer dialog opens, find the file. then select options button to change units to meter? perhaps click all three checks…import and then clean up the result

i had import the file in sketch up
little bit information show up such like how many arcs how many line etc
but there s no explorer to change the unit as meter

what is next step
after setting unit as meter

You’ll have to get busy moving vertices and end points of lines down to the ground plane. (Z=0) . I expect @pcmoor was suggesting that you do this cleanup in the CAD program instead of SketchUp because it would be easier there and it would make the file much easier to work with in SketchUp.

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