How to contact the authors / creators for license purposes?


I’d like to contact some of the creators of special models for their permission to use their models in a professional software.Is there any way, to contact them via email, contact link or so? I did not find anything like that till now.
If this is not possible - is there another chance to get a reliable legal info about the license of special models?
I’d be glad for any hint, you may give me.

Thanks and many greetings
from germany

Go to the author’s 3DWH profile and you may find they have enabled the email contact feature.
Like so…

Ok, but how do I find the profile? When I search for a model and click on the autors name, there is not “profile” button or link?

Till now I did not find any autor with such contact button or personal profile - like you posted in the screen. All autors I see, are blank with models and autor name - nothing else. The same categories (posted, liked…) as you show.

Some authors may not have completed their profile information. They will be a little harder to get in touch with!

It looks like you don’t have to share your contact info in order to post on 3DWH…