How do I contact creator to let him know that someone may be infringing his copyright?

I have seen a model for sale elsewhere which appears identical to one for sale here in the warehouse. I wish to contact the warehouse mesher to let him know that his copyright may have been infringed. How do I do this? I can find no contact info.

For now, the best thing may be to report abuse, but note that it’s not this model that’s the source of abuse, but someone else abusing their model. Our support group will look at those.


One thing you may try is to place the warehouse model into SketchUp and then navigate to Window → Model Info. Then click on Credits. Not everyone does it, but if the modeler claimed credit their name may be in there… probably won’t have an address but you might get enough info to track the person down.

Thanks. I’ve now done that. One of the 2 I spotted says that his mesh is one he built using the SU one as a guide, which I understand is allowed. I’ve heard that SU warehouse meshes are identifiable so hopefully you can confirm that as he is being publicly accused of theft.

Thanks but there’s nothing there