How to construct curved Nautilus spiral staircase balustrade?


I am trying to construct a Nautilus spiral staircase in sketchup, but not having much luck in using the TIG extrude extension to construct the curved and twisted balustrade, see illustration below, I couldn’t build the surface within the highlighted wireframe. I found it easier to use the ‘projection tool’ in rhino, but again, I don’t think I have got the right answer to how to construct this surface for the spiral Nautilus geometry. Helix is easier but not sure how to do Nautilus, could anyone please share some knowledge? many thanks!!!

One for @mihai.s I think.

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Thanks, @simoncbevans!

The working technique is this, TutorialsUp has already created a clip to present it

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thank you both @simoncbevans @mihai.s ! and thanks to your video @mihai.s
I installed JHS powerbar, it worked to extrude the curve, thanks.
However how did you construct the curve extracted from the bottom of the staircase at the first place please? I am working with Nautilus geometry in plan, and want to make it extrude the nautilus to the curved staircase… I draw 3 point arch connecting three treads at one time to make up the curve, but I think there should be a proper way, like using the projection tool in rhino to project the curve in the extruded nautilus surface… I’m not sure if I explained it well…

You’re welcome! Watch the video tutorial, it’s right at the beginning, around 1:04.
You’re talking about that ‘projection tool’ in Rhino, maybe it’s easier for you to create that curve in Rhino and import it into SketchUp.

Many thanks, I end up installing all the extensions mentioned, thanks for all the tips!!! have a good day!

@mihai.s one quick question, after I downloaded the quadface tools extension, there is not tool bar, where can I get the tool bar please?

View > Toolbars

Have you also installed TT_Lib², which is a requirement?

@mihai.s thank you! I installed it, however, I still don’t have the resolution, maybe it’s the 2019 version i have…