How to combine with other faces


Hello all,

my name is kay and i am using sketchup make 2017 for building a cylinder with overhang.

I hide the inner side of cylinder and see that there is no closed surface. Thats a problem for my 3D Printer. How can i combine the surfaces together?

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adapter_2.stl (270.7 KB)


If you delete the surface shown selected in your screen shot, unhide the inner surface of the cylinder and then select all of the geometry and make a group or component, does it show as solid in Entity Info?


Yes, it does.



It works now. Thanks for your help.



It looks to me as if you need to correct the face orientation on the inside. Right click on the outside white surface and choose Orient Faces. In order to be printable, all faces should be the white front face, not the blue back face.


I have tried it before. But this doesn’t help.



Could you upload the SKP file so we can see?


Yes of course. Sorry, i uploaded a stl file instead of the skp in my first post :slight_smile:

adater_failure.skp (337.1 KB)

This is the original file, without your suggestion of deleting the surface.

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If you make a group of the geometry it is NOT a ‘solid’.
It has internal partitions - see this ‘section’ - it was seen in your original image ?:

Delete the inner internal ring surface…
Now it is ‘solid’.


So TIG covered it. All you needed to do is delete than internal face and make a component or group.

adater_SUCCESS.skp (173.3 KB)


@TIG @DaveR

Thank you both so much for your help. I was able to print this object now. And i learned much over solid and not solid components in Sketuchp.

Best Regards


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