How to close/round TUBE?

HP Pavilion 500…win 10
Refer to PIC…AutoSave_DS_Setup_ALL.skp (202.6 KB)

I tried hard, but I just could not figure it out, maybe It can’t be done. I guess It’s impossible, I give up.

I’m referring to understanding your posts.
The effort you put into your questions, is the effort you’ll receive in answers.


This is what you want?

or maybe this?

Click on your profile photo (two times), and you’ll enter to your profile > choose Preferences > Profile, and you can fill it with information you now write at the beginning of your each message (HP Pavilion 500…win 10),

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I appreciate the mammoth drwng effort; excellent work.
I have not yet found a method for visualizing a STAMPED, closed[crushed End]. Boswell

Is this close to what you had in mind?


Very good! Just radius corners.

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